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Use the Shortcuts to transform your iPhone or your iPad.

A powerful and fast tool interacts with your apps without having to start them. Everything you want is in a simple drop-down widget.


Organize your time, your planner, your calendar and your contacts. Quickly access research services and useful tools for your needs. Transform your device with a simple click and customize it with the icon associated with the command.


Your device is not just a device. It's much more.

All of this is already inside your iOS device but maybe you don't know it.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Shortcuts listed on these pages and find out what your mobile can do.

Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own.


Shortcuts includes over 300 built-in actions and works with many of your favorite apps including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Health as well as any app that supports Siri Shortcuts.


Shortcuts can be launched from the Today widget, from Search or by asking Siri. You can even add an app icon to your home screen for your favorite Shortcuts.


Shortcuts opens up incredible possibilities to automate things you do regularly on your iPhone and iPad.


WM Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad

Powered by info@wowmultimedia.org        Created by alessiagrandi@me.com

Shortcuts can be static, for example to customize app icons, and they can be dynamic, which appear and disappear in scrolling widgets. The WM Shortcuts are dynamic and allow you to work even on a single window of the home screen.


Fast Planner

Everything you need to organize your time and have all your notes at hand.


This shortcut is linked to iPhone-iOS calendar, reminders, contacts and notes, allowing you to manage your data without having to open the related apps.

You can add, edit, delete or simply consult all your data, with all the app options.

If you use other calendars, reminders, notes and contacts apps, it's important that these apps are linked with the iPhone main ones so that the shortcut can update them regularly.

Event Manager

Quickly organize your events.


This Shortcut is connected to the calendar and allows you to manage them with direct search, upcoming events and add or delete them without having to open the App.


Keep track of your days without the need for apps or widgets, with the only help of a drop-down curtain.

List X

You can use it as a list or as a notes or as a reminder.


A simple list to start by simply adding your notes.


Practical and fast, it automatically produces a folder in iFiles and keeps the data inside the device, without the need for an external server.

Secret Notes

This is a great shortcut that interacts with your iPhone and iPad.


The activation mode involves entering your telephone number, after which the command will send you password codes via SMS and recovery in case of loss of the password.

The most important step is to enter the phone number carefully.


All your secret notes will not exit from your device and will not be managed by any external server as this shortcut will use a file of yours generated in the Files folder of the mobile.

You will be able to read, edit or delete all the notes you set.

It is possible to choose whether to use the password or not.

Then you can use this notes as a regular reminder or download the information blocking shortcut.

Fast Notes

A pop-up dynamic widget that allows you to instantly view your notes.

Like the previous notes but without the possibility to encrypt the notes.


Immediate, easy and very practical.


Do you want to see the Calendar in the month screen without opening the app?


With a simple tap you open a cascading window that shows you the days and months.


This way you will be able to see what day is a certain date.

If you want to see the events of a specific date in your Calendar app, simply select the required day and confirm your request.


You want to add a contact but you need to open the app folder and go to the "add" option. So you have to close the app and maybe reopen it to add another contact.


Thanks to this shortcut you directly open the "add" window as you would see it from the Contacts app.

When you confirm the added contact, the window closes and with a single tap you can reopen it to add another contact.

Contact Manager

Search, direct contact, add, modify and delete.


All your contacts checked with a simple tap in a drop-down menu.


This Shortcut acts on the Contact App without ever opening it and does not include any file for organizing contacts.

Vocal Timer

Set your timer for an alert, alarm, race or workout.


This timer asks you to set hours minutes and seconds with a voice alert at the start (start timer) and a voice alert at the end of the time (time out).


This Shortcut does not interface with the Clock App so you do not need to delete it, because it is not stored.

File Maker

Immediately decide which extension to choose for your files to save.

With just one tap you can create the following extensions.











and also the folders in which to save them

Portrait Dynamic Widget

Photo widgets are very nice but they take up a lot of space on the home screen and in some cases you have to browse the pages to go to the photo you love.


Portrait is a quick command that allows you to open the same photo with a simple tap.

Transparent Folder Title

With this Shortcut you can generate a transparent title in a single action and apply it to the folders on your iPhone home screen.


All you have to do is "paste" the title of the folder you want to change.

Fast Background

When you want to change the background image of your home you have to execute a series of commands from the iPhone settings.


This shortcut performs the same operation in just a few taps and without the need to open settings and contains the same commands and options in a simple drop-down box.

Dual Tone Background

The latest trend for sorting folders on the iPhone home screen is to use duotone wallpapers with one half darker than the original image.


With this shortcut you can generate this effect in a few taps, choosing the original image, the density of the effect and the position you want to assign.


The image is corrected automatically without having to open the "wallpapers" option from the iPhone settings.


All you have to do is set the final image in the screen, just like you do in the wallpapers option.

Music Player

Access your music with a tap and control it with the basic commands of the iOS Music app.


Like all shortcuts this code links to Apple's app and not to other music players.


With a single gesture open:


Music player widget








Downloaded music.

The same command allows you to manage the execution of the songs with the Play, Pause, Back, Next buttons.

MathGame Test

Currently only in Italian, this is a fantastic exercise to train your mind.

This command is directed by a voice that prompts you to perform a math operation.

Based on the difficulty of the calculation, the operation has a predefined response time.

When the time is up you will have to enter the number that you think is correct.

The voice will respond by telling you if the result is correct or wrong, returning you the exact result of the calculation.

Ask to Luck

Often playing with luck brings pleasant surprises.


If you are in Italy and you play at Superenalotto or if you are in another country and you play your numbers in prize competitions, this shortcut plays with you by drawing the numbers for you and offering you the combinations to play every time.


It would be nice to get feedback of winnings generated by "Ask to Luck" from those who have downloaded and used this shortcut.


Good luck to all!

Superenalotto: Chiedi alla fortuna

Inspired by the most famous and richest Italian lottery, this shortcut extracts 6 random numbers to play.


Jolly and Superstar numbers are also chosen in the draw.


A nice way to decide which numbers to play.

Chiedi ai tarocchi

Only in Italian version.


This Shortcut is simply a game and not a real divination.


However, it is interesting to grasp the meaning of the tarot and interpret its meaning and essence.


In this Shortcut, however, we try to put together everything necessary for a real consultation. From name to date of birth.


The draw is divided into 3 groups of cards: past, present and future.

The personal data entered does not leave your device and is not saved in any database or folder.